Spark - Stories to ignite body, mind and soul

Spark - Stories to ignite body, mind and soul

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A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.’ Dante


Spark book , is a collection of stories written by a tapestry of people whom disclose a time in their lives when their spark dimmed .In the face of adversity or life changing events that marred their lives they too reveal what tools they used to rekindle their spark.

Their are stories on illness, grief , trauma, suicide, addiction, injury, abuse to mention a few . Like life ,their words unfold and unfurl uniquely . Sharing how they reignite their Spark, each page has nuggets of hope, showcasing the resilience of each author.

The fulcrum of the book is to share these tales in the hope it too revives you. All proceeds of the book will go directly to Comfort for Chemo Kerry,whose goal is to build and equip a state of the art of Cancer unit here in the county.

Your support is so greatly appreciated.